We - Bryan Lanning (Official Music Video)

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What if we?
What if we, were us?
What if we?
What if we, were us?

It’d be so easy
It’d be so real
After all that we'd been through
It’d only be me and you

It'd feel so right
Oh, It's feel so simple
What if we could be everything we wanted to be?
What if we?


Executive Producer:
Stefani Rose

Directed by:
Merlin Camozzi

Bryan Lanning
Missy Lanning

Director Of Photography:
Chris McKechnie

Kristifor Cvijetic
Daniel Martin

Associate Producer:
Robert Pollack

Mihn Bui

Jennifer Gittings

1st AssistantDirector:
Patrick Heth

2nd AssistantDirector:
Zack Walker

1st AssistantCamera:
Nick Goto

Production Designer:
Richard Perry

Art Department:
Thomas Barnett Richard Perry

Eric Evans
Andrew Sladek
Marc Shimmer

Key Grips:
Tyler Denering
Rafael Lopez
Chad Corhan
Paul Tackett

Woody Ray Marc Shimmer

Cynthia Loza

Lanning Wardrobe Stylist:
Shadi Ghalbi

Hair Stylists:
Travis Mitchel
Michele Martin

Makeup Artist:
Kathryn Fernandez
Michelle Martin

Production Assistant:
Thomas Barnett
Tyler Wirtz
Jim Williamson

IT Catering

Thank you to YouTube Space LA
Thank you to RivCoPark
The Santa Rosa Plateau Ecological Reserve
The California Highway Patrol of Murrieta

Storyboard Artist:
Youhan Zhang

Music Written by:
Bryan Lanning
Daniel Martin

Music Produced by:
Daniel Martin at ReAmp Studios in Tustin, CA