Idaho - Bryan Lanning (Official Music Video)

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Blue skies and orange clouds tower over us
Our faces whipped with summer air,
Our small town held us in, but it held us together
Hands held tight, we didn't care

Looking back now I realize
We were on top of the world
Running wild and dirty we were

Kings and queens of Idaho
We had no where else to go
This life is all we know
Kings and queens of Idaho
Bow to the royals

We jumped the fence with lights and sirens around us
Our faces filled with adrenaline
Bodies close under a blanket of stars
We hid from the wolves that held us in

Our small town held us in, but it held us together
We ran far from our sins, and we landed together
Bow to the Royals


Executive Producer:
Stefani Rose

Directed by:
Merlin Camozzi

Bryan Lanning
Missy Lanning

Lead Boy - August Maturo
Lead Girl - Natali Katarina

Lead Teen Boy - Kyle Hendershot
Lead Teen Girl - Claudia Keener

Drunk Dad - Clint Jordan

Ocean Maturo
Nikolas Alexander
Mattie Faith
Malachi Martin
Alina Sari

The Monster - Daniel De Neve

Director Of Photography:
Chris McKechnie

Kristifor Cvijetic
Daniel Martin

Associate Producer:
Robert Pollack

Mihn Bui

Jennifer Gittings

1st Assistant Director:
Patrick Heth

2nd Assistant Director:
Zack Walker

1st Assistant Camera:
Nick Goto

Production Designer:
Richard Perry

Art Department:
Thomas Barnett
Richard Perry

Eric Evans
Andrew Sladek
Marc Shimmer

Key Grips:
Tyler Denering
Rafael Lopez
Chad Corhan
Paul Tackett

Woody Ray
Marc Shimmer

Cynthia Loza

Lanning Wardrobe Stylist:
Shadi Ghalbi

Hair Stylists:
Michele Martin

Makeup Artist:
Kathryn Fernandez
Michelle Martin

Production Assistant :
Thomas Barnett
Tyler Wirtz
Jim Williamson

RV/Production Support:
Tom Toner

IT Catering

Thank you to the city of Murrieta and Glenn Arbor Park.
Thank you to the OC Parks and Thomas F. Riley Wilderness Park.
Thank you to Harald and Susie Martin for use of the Martin Residence.

Storyboard Artist:
Youhan Zhang

Music Written by
Bryan Lanning
Daniel Martin

Music Produced by
Daniel Martin at ReAmp Studios in Tustin, CA.